Kitchen Ketchup Factory - Factory Games For Boys

The sweet ketchup is usually made from tomatoes, by adding lots of flavorings thrown in including vinegar, sugar, and an assortment of spices. You cannot eat your burgers and fries without ketchup. The "ketchup" comes from the Chinese words koe-chap (ke-chap) meaning the brine of pickled fish - far from the red sauce (ketchup) we know today, as tomatoes were still unknown to China then. The Chinese used to preserve pickled fish in brine, with a different range of spices. Ketchup can be used as: Salad Dressing -- Ketchup is a essential ingredient in many retro dressing recipes. Cocktail Sauce -- You may conjure a cocktail sauce by combining just two ingredients, add jarred, grated horseradish to sweet ketchup until it reaches at your desired level of spicy heat, then serve to your friends & family alongside chilled shrimp or crab. Sweet and Sour Sauces -- Both sauces can be used as per the taste of the food. Pad Thai --Ketchup may be considered as a ketchup-spiked Pad Thai to be a total abomination. Meatloaf Glaze -- By using an offset spatula or spoon to spread ketchup on top of the meatloaf before baking, it will get thicken into a tasty glaze as it bakes. Hi kids. Welcome to kitchen ketchup factory. Factory simulator will help you to making a delicious tomato ketchup sauce. Let's start cooking in own food factory. Follow the procedure step by stepGrow Tomato in Farm Firstly you need tomatoes for tasty ketchup sauce. Dig the farm land put seeds into soil give them water. Seeds grow in to small plants. It's time to pluck all the fresh tomatoes from the plants. Put them in to basket and load into delivery truck simulator. now truck ready to move towards the food factory. Washing Cleaning and cutting procedure When tomatoes delivered in food factory. now clean all the dirty tomatoes in the washing plant under running water. Separate the healthy and spoiled tomatoes. Leaf maker machine will pluck the leaf from the top part of tomato. Conveyer belt pass the tomatoes to cutting machine. Round Cutter maker machine will cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Cooking time After that, tomatoes pieces pass to the large cooking maker where the finally tomato ketchup sauce cooking starts. Add all the ingredients one by one in to coking maker. blend all the ingredients in to blender maker and heat up for few hours. Now cool the sauce. Wow. The ketchup is ready to fill in the bottles Put all ketchup bottles in the cartons and enjoy your delicious ketchup sauce with fast food You are become a little crazy chefTomato ketchup has some surprising health benefits: 1. Reduces risk of prostate cancerBy eating tomato sauce more than two times a week reduces a man's risk of developing prostate cancer. 2. Increases sperm countKetchup could also boost male fertility. Many researchers found the antioxidant could increase sperm count by up to 70 per cent, increase swimming speed and reduce the number of irregular sperm in the body. 3. Cuts cholesterolKetchup cuts low-density lipoprotein, aka 'bad cholesterol'. By using ketchup as an experiment, total cholesterol levels drop by six per cent over six weeks and their low-density lipoprotein levels go down by 13 per cent. 4. Improves your eyesightKetchup holds vitamin A, which is key for a healthy immune system and, perhaps critically, good vision. 5. Makes healthy food bearable to eatKids don't like to eat fast food without ketchup. Ketchup may be used with more than 100 food items like, Potato Fries, Sweet potato fries, Scrambled Eggs, Potato chips, Grilled cheese sandwich, Mozzarella sticks, Hamburger, Cheeseburger etc.
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