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Math often meant forced system of dealing with numbers; getting knowledge through setting something in pre-defined way. Teaching is based on the idea through which a teacher pours the knowledge in to the student. A good learning math game is also the best teacher ever. All the things which attract kindergarten are automatically often memorized with good understanding. No doubt math is boring subject and toddlers often left with feeling of failure. If there is not attraction and interest, kids said that they not good in math. Often negative feelings carried through to adulthood. It has been observed that boys are good in math while girls are fine with English subjects. Focusing the kids interest, we have just launch "Play With Match" educational game for cute toddlers. It is a fantastic learning and exciting fun educational quiz game for toddlers and preschool kids. " Play with Math Kids Fun "will be a correct choice for parents who are in search of educational games. If your little kids are worried for math and not taking interest in learning math, due to deficiency of basic math skills, then this challenging app will probably increase their math knowledge and IQ level with fun. Play with fun learning game has two phases: learning. quizIn learning phase Kids will learn different topics such as: Subtraction. Comparison of numbers. Tables. Puzzle cards Subtraction: Kids be ready for the virtual objects subtraction? In this section, you will find out the answer by subtracting the number and choosing the right option, as listed in the bar. Let's subtract the two numbers and choose your right answer. Questions are being generated randomly so you will have to be careful while choosing the right answer. Comparison: while comparing less than and greater than you will have animated animals ahead to figure out right choice. Table: It's an amazing educational game which helps the school going kids and toddler to learn the tables with beautiful graphics modes, audio features and proper phonics. Puzzle: Touch the screen and drag the puzzle card to join a number at the right place from 0 to 9. Puzzle module gives the challenge to kids and test their ability to guess the correct answer while they are enjoying the beautiful animation. Hurrah. You have completed the learning phase Now Its Quiz TimeThrough Unique quiz of this free kids game, solve question intelligently. In quiz mode you have to answer each of questions. Try to pass a mathematics quiz test with no mistake and you will get your score at the end. Try to get the highest possible scores. High quality graphics and melodious sounds develop interest of your preschool kids little angels. Practice exercise first multiple times before going towards quiz. How we make learning math interesting? We have made this learning app meaningful for kids through different examples & exercises. The aim is to provide the basic concepts to the toddlers with colorful graphics. Use of android phone learning games help kids with pictorial memorizing of ideas. We have turned the android phone in math class room where kids embrace the arts and make the concepts real. Kids can act as a student as well as a teacher while playing this fun loving game. Learning math is about abstraction. You will have the practical ways to solve the questions.
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