Learning Math Fun Kit - Educational Games

''Learning Math Fun Kit "is basically developed for the toddler preschool learning. Educational games always increase kids' memory skills and build interest in learning new things. So get ready for learning new things. There are two modes in learning math educational book, as listed below: Educational Mode. Quiz Mode Educational Mode: In educational mode kindergarten can learn different lessons of preschool learning activities. It is also an introduction to kids basic math. Kids can easily learn the counting numbers from 1-20. Once your toddler learnt the counting numbers completely and efficiently then go for addition phase. In addition phase, kids will learn how to add numbers with different combinations and such learning enhance your kids memory skills. In educational game, there are a set of different numbers that are designed to help to teach your kids how to add numbers in a variety of ways. Other preschool learning lessons include in educational phase, are ascending and descending, matching numbers and adding numbers. In matching numbers criteria, toddlers have to match the numbers by dragging on screen and give the right answer. Quiz Mode: In Quiz mode toddlers have to answer the different questions that you learnt in previous educational mode through making fun. So questions are generated dynamically and your task is to give the right answer. There are different questions that are related to adding number, counting numbers, ascending and descending and matching numbers. Features of Learning Math: Educational (Learning) as well as mode. Different HD graphics used in different modes. Accurate voice narration in this way your kids easily learn ascending and descending order. This education game contains amazing sounds and special effects that make your kids engaged. Attractive colour scheme and environment make this kids math game more fun loving. Kids educational games act as brain coacher and draw kids attention for better learning. Through maximum practice of this math learning - educational book toddlers preschool learning will be enhanced as well as kids memory skills will be polished.
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