Bemuse Online

Bemuse Online - A brand new strategic online rhythm game. In Bemuse, you get to plan your own strategy, choose to be offensive or defensive, choose when to attack, win other players, challenge yourself. 4 Different type of difficulties: Easy/Medium/Hard/ExtremeThink that the original notes is not challenging enough? Customize your own notes, upload / download notes (within the app) PvP your own customized notes with other players. Basic game rule: Just press according to the next correct number sequence. Skip the wrong number sequence and let it fade away1. Do you have what it takes to chain the largest combo and be number 1? Think that following the sequence is easy? Not when you are into the music. According to the dictionary, the definition of Bemuse is 1. confused, puzzle 2. to occupy the attention ofThe definition from the dictionary is a general representation of what our game is about, however, we do have our own definition too; BEat - Follow the beatMUsic - Get engrossed with the musicSEquence - Go according to the correct sequence. Fun fact - Join the first two letter of each word above to form BEMUSE. Get bemused or be amused. Looking for a game that is similar to JuBeat? Try Bemuse today. If you have a song that you want us to put up into the game, do fill up the form at the bottom of our website Permission needed: 1 - read the contents of your USB storage2 - modify or delete the contents of your USB storage1 - Bemuse is an online PvP game where players are allowed to share their customized beatmaps within the app for other players to download. Downloaded files are then read by the app to load the beatmaps. 2 - Integrity check of files are done during load up of the app, it will also check if a player has updated their beatmap to the latest one. If there is a newer version of beatmap available, it will delete the old one and download the latest one.
Operating System Android