Mathathon Pro - Mental Maths

Mathathon is a fun and addictive brain-training math game for every age group: from young kids, just learning math, to those trying to improve their mental math abilities and quickly answer arithmetic problems. This addictive educational game helps improve your mental calculation skills. Useful techniques and strategies are introduced through "Tips and Hints" pop-ups, before start of a level. Master the skills mentally by playing all the math drill levels. The game starts with simple problems and builds on that. The concept is to master the basic techniques before moving on to the next one. As the levels rise, the game becomes more challenging. The pro app consists of more than 7, 000 carefully chosen equations for over 170 levels. Each level randomly selects appropriate equation for that particular level. Calculate your way through a series of 30 equations, within the target time, to unlock the next level. In addition, solve them as fast and correctly as possible to earn more "Stars". Earn all the "Stars" to unlock "Genius - Levels". Win trophies when you collect all the stars for that particular operator. Few levels have already been unlocked for you. Mathathon-Pro covers most of current elementary school (grade 1 - grade 5) math curriculum including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This is a also great math workout for students, so they can finish exams within the time limit and yet be assured of good grades. Mathathon-Pro Features: Includes all four basic calculation operations: 170 levels - Import: Lets you import all player info, score, and un-locked levels from "Mathathon" free version- Option to add multiple players: More than one player can play the game on the same device, while keeping record of un-locked levels and score of each player. Useful tips and tricks to simplify difficult math problems (displayed in a pop-up window, before start of the levels). Keeps track of the best time and the number of stars achieved for that particular level. Score details include: number of correctly answered questions, target time, best and current time. Settings: Turn Sound or Tips on/off. Optimization for variety of phone / tablet devices. Help file, more content, and tips in future updates. Ad-FreePlease let me know of any bugs, corrections, and suggestions.
Operating System Android