Name That Pokemon - Gen 1 Only

Think you know all Pokemon from Generation 1? The Kanto Region? Test your knowledge in "Name That Pokemon. "FEATURES: 151 Levels. Maybe more to see. To test your Pokemon knowledge is your destiny. All Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Red & Blue. Levels increase in difficulty. The games starts with the most known and popular Pokemon and slowly goes into Pokemon that may not be as known from the Kanto region. If you like Name That Pokemon but all the Pokemon from the other regions and generations make it too difficult for you, this is the perfect game. Silhouettes have been changed from Name That Pokemon so the Gen 1 only edition still provides a fresh challenge. Challenge your friends to see who knows the most Pokemon-Play daily to receive coinsNOTICE: All Pokemon names are in English, and most hints given for the puzzles have been based on Pokedex entries.
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