My Colorful Diary: Coloring Farms

Hey creative and awesome children and kids. This coloring game allows you and your children will have hours of fun together. Looking for something new; try our new coloring, painting and learning game for cute and artistic kids. There is a new coloring and painting game in the store now and this game allows you to paint different farm scenes and drawings as per your imaginations. It's a wonderful, colorful, vibrant and coloring game for cute little kids and children. This is not an ordinary game rather its specific coloring game in which you can color different farm scenes and drawings. Your kids not only learn colors and painting combinations but they also learn different kind of color combinations which can be relevant to forest, farm, jungle, or even in the raining forest and far away in farm scenes of different regions including African, Asian, American, European and of course Australian farms and sceneries. My Colorful Diary: Coloring Farms is a realistic coloring game with more than 12 farm drawings to start with. The kids can paint and coloring in the same way they do on paper using different tools. It allows you to decorate your artworks and share it with your friends. The possibilities are endless with this coloring and painting game as you can have fun coloring with coloring contests with your friends. The best part of this game is that it promotes the development of imagination, arts, and increases your ability of attention and creative skills of children. Do you ever wonder about how these little cute and curious kids paint and color these wonderful, lovely and beautiful drawings? We will tell you how. Now you can use this new exciting and colorful game to paint wonderful and exciting looking drawings and colorings to change the looks of your farm drawings in a visually appealing way. The game is very fun, simple and educational for all ages and allows to share your creations with your friends at any time. My Colorful Diary: Coloring Farms for kids is game full of farm fields and animals. It is not designed only for your 3-5 years old daughter but for your son as well. In this game, you can color the farm pages including animals on your phone or tablet in this virtual and appealing coloring game and painting farm book. It so easy that even toddler can play, paint & color. This coloring game is for kids coloring game where children can color farms and animals on different drawings and coloring pages, Both, boys and girls will love this coloring game for children. In this coloring game, you can find many types of farm pictures. Your children can paint, color the farms scenes and drawings available in the game. painting and coloring was never so easy and funny. Let your kids be creative by downloading this free app: My Colorful Diary: Coloring Farms for kids and children with many pictures and drawings which can be colored and painted. It works perfectly in all smartphones and tablets. The game is easy and natural, your little girl and kids will have lots of fun with this stunning game and they can play it for hours. After your painted drawings are ready, you can share your excitement with your friends which can boast your artistic, designer and coloring skills. This game comes with the following sensational and wonderful Features: Easy, amusing, simple to use and amazing farm designs. Children play this with each other to show their creativity and also play this with their friends- Likewise it is also good for kids, youngsters, students and kids at home. Once done with the coloring you can always share this application and your styled drawings with your friends and family.
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