Spider Woman

Become Spider Woman to kill all crimes in the Miami. Im the king of the ganglandMiami is known as the city of criminals. This place always have activities of crime and it is work outside the law. Beside the trade of the weapon, Miami is also a production of chemical weapons. After a radioactive leak incident, a part of Miami was completely destroyed. Life completely disappeared at here. All people and trees in the radioactive area are dead. Many years later, a mafia organization conducted experiments and set up underground in this place. They arrested the babies and carried out experiments on them. After many failures, there has been a successful experiment. A mutant is born. She have a power like spiders. They called her is Spider Woman. Spider Woman is trained to destroy the other mafia and destroy everything, she is realy a Goddess Wonder. However, with a strong desire for freedom and a militant spirit, she was not under the control of criminals and fought against them. A fierce fight took place between Spider Woman and criminals, gangster. Criminals all over the world are focused on miami to destroy her. They create a lot of traps and organize big attacks to kill Spider Woman. Even the police also want to destroy her because her power is too great. Spider Woman became No. 1 target in Miami. The place was full of gunfire and the atmosphere of death never over. She will have to destroy everything and regain peace and freedom for her homeland. After completing a mission, new tasks will be unlocked, there will be new tasks harder and stronger enemies your pending. Featured of Spider Woman: The world is dangerous. So you have to destroy anything or be careful with every step you take in Miami. Criminals, smugglers and police are always ready to attack you. Collect weapons to best power. More item: Shotgun, Sniper, M1911, MP5, Bazooka, AK47, MP4, power full tank, cannons, etc.Even helicopters and tanks are your owner. Use them to destroy all the crimes and everything in Miami. 30 action mission. 7000+ crime waiting you kills. Stay tuned with Spider Woman at official website: http://codostudio.comSee more our games at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev? id=7146100334170291429. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/bidokids. Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bidocodo/.
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