Buzz's Apple Hunt

A scavenger hunt for parent and child that's tailored for the playground, Buzz's Apple Hunt lets kids seek out and collect 'invisible apples' all while learning new and interesting apple facts. Kids take care of the Apples they find, and scanning any on-site Biba markers lets your child collect special Golden Apples. Can your kids collect them all? A NEW TAKE ON 'MOBILE' PLAY. The parent's mobile device transforms into an Apple Crate. Kids seek out invisible Apples on the playground and bring them back to the crate on the parent's phone to care for. It's a new way of incorporating the mobile phone into a playground experience for both parent and child. TAKE THE EXPERIENCE HOME. When you're done playing Buzz's Apple Hunt at the Kimmel Orchard, give other Biba games a try on your local playground by visiting
Operating System Android