Your Maths Animals

Hi there. Would you like to have some fun and amass a huge collection of cute animals? Then you should install this free game because it has 50 different pets. How do you get new animals? You do so by solving fairly simple math problems. What is this? Math in a game? Well, haven't your parents ever grumbled about how much time you waste on your smartphone? (Personally speaking, this is what happened to me hundreds of times, and now my sisters have to endure this). Now you can show them that mobile games are useful and you are just practicing for school. Our game provides you with a way to have fun and usefully spend your time with some really cute creatures. Our app is packed with a variety of animals, including not only cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and raccoons, but also fawns and ducklings who come in various colors. (It's just like having a character designer). To make it even more fun, you can compete with friends for the best score or show off your achievements. (But in general, of course, it's not good to show off). You can show your parents that you are playing a game that teaches you math. (My parents appreciated this type of edutainment) Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Send them to us using the feedback form or by "writing to the developer. "Sincerely yours, developer of Avatar Makers. P. S. If at least fifteen people read through the description this far, then a friend of mine will buy me sushi. Would you please write to us so we know that we are not writing these texts in vain? (I really like Japanese food). We must provide the following disclaimer in accordance with the rules: It is not our fault if you improve your thinking skills by playing this game. P. P. S. In fact, the problems are all arithmetic, but who is going to notice?
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