Summer Beach Selfie Lenses Cam

Want to take the COOLEST summer girl selfies? Create your own summer selfie style unlike any others using tons of filters and stickers specially made for GREAT summer days. There are everything you can hope for - Pirates. Hats made of flowers or sea creatures. Bikini. And much more. You can also create your own summer stories like surfing, swimming, and dressing. No doubt that with these selfies, you will become the COOLEST girl in this summer. What are you waiting for? Get it NOW. FABULOUS FEATURES. Take selfies or record clips with real-time filters- Tons of fancy decorative stickers- Put yourself into a comic story sceneHOW TO PLAYWhen you take selfies or record clips, choose your favorite real-time filter and it will be applied to your face automatically. Our face-tracking technology ensures that the filter moves along with your face so that it looks like it's really on your face. After that, decorate your photos with all kinds of fancy stickers. You can also place your selfie into comic story scenes. It's like you are really there. Save your masterpieces and share them with your friends. Wanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We would love to hear from you. You can find us on Facebook at on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, please visit
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