Real Airport & Flight Attendant Simulator Free

Do you love airports & shopping at the airport? Do you love the Airport, getting your baggage at the luggage claim, wish you could work as a flight attendant, and ring up items at the coffee shop, duty free, and burger place? Then you will LOVE Real Airport & Flight Attendant Simulator - Kids Free Cash Register Games. Shop & play at the Airport in over 6 Games total. Includes Burgers & Fries Fast food Mode - Shop for a quick bite, and check out at the register with the cashier. Duty Free Shopping - play as both customer & cashier in Duty Free Shopping Games. Shop at the Coffee Shop and buy donuts, coffee, drinks, sandwiches and more before your flight takes off. Also, collect baggage at the Baggage claim area, and Restock food on the Airplane as the Flight Attendant before the airline takes off. Real Airport & Flight Attendant Simulator is fun for kids who love to pretend play with the Cash Register, Flight Attendant Games, and Airport Simulators.
Operating System Android