Rainbow Cupcakes Maker - Kids Free Cooking Games

Do you love Rainbow Cupcakes? Do you love Rainbow Desserts, Cookies, Ice Cream, Popsicles & more? Do you love baking, chocolate candy, and sugary treats? Then you will LOVE Rainbow Cupcakes Maker - Kids Free Cooking Games & Dessert Baking Games. Select a Cupcake recipe and begin mixing your ingredients. Drop in the eggs, milk, flour, and cupcake mix, and stir. Pour the batter into the Cupcake pan, and bake in the quick bake oven. Start decorating your Rainbow Cupcake Desserts with a medley of toppings, candy, extras & more. Choose from gummy bears, chocolate candy, sprinkles, animal shaped candy, fruit, and a ton of colorful icing for your cupcake. Rainbow Cupcakes Maker is great for kids who love cooking games, baking desserts, rainbow dessert treats, & cooking in the kitchen.
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