Pay Phone Simulator - Retro Public Phones Free

Do you love old Retro Pay Phones, Public Telephones, and Rotary Phones? Do you wish you could still use Public Phones today, and play with Rotary Phones? Now you can with Pay Phone Simulator - Retro Public Phones Free. Payphone Simulator allows you to play with some fun, retro telephones from 1920 and above. Select your phone, and begin by inserting a coin & picking up the handset, then dialing a number. 1920's phone lets you insert a penny, and pull the handle. Realistic handle motions and talking voices behind the phone are included. 1940's & 1960's era phones let you insert a coin, and dial a number rotary style. Dial any number after inserting a coin, then hear the operator, or receiving person speak. Keep dialing to hear more retro operator sound effects that are so realistic, they will bring back the best of memories from those eras. 1980's phones were some of the most popular in public payphone history. Insert the coin, flip the handle to get your coin returned, and take it out from the bottom slot. Also dial numbers, and hear retro operator tones & feedback. Public Payphones from the millenial era are still a joy to play with as well. Insert your credit card, and dial any number to begin listening. Payphone Simulator also includes bonus retro games Prize claw, Vending Machine Simulator, and a Pretend ATM machine with credit card simulator. Payphone simulator will amuse anyone who had fond memories of the history of telephones, especially old payphones from the 1980's. Retro Payphone & Telephone Simulator can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages.
Operating System Android