ATM & Money Learning Games: Kids Credit Card Games

Do you love the ATM machine, love to use credit cards, and always wanted to get money out of an ATM machine? Do you love learning about money, saving up cash, & getting a pretend credit card? Then you will LOVE ATM, Credit Card & Money Learning games is great for young kids who want to learn how to use an ATM machine with this pretend ATM simulator. Included in this game are several modes of play: Get a pretend ATM card, Pretend ATM Simulation, Piggy Bank Savings Bonus, Plinko Mini-Game, & Pretend Credit Card Simulator. Create a pin at the pretend bank, and customize your card by entering your name. Head over to the ATM machine, and enter your pin. Then select from Check Balance, Withdraw, and Deposit, just like the ATM machine at the bank. Practice by depositing and withdrawing cash from the ATM. Take your cash that you earned from Plinko and the Piggy Bank, and deposit it into the pretend ATM Machine. Continue earning pretend coins & money, and watch your savings grow. Check your balances everyday, and come back to play more minigames to earn free coins and pretend dollars. Great fun, and a great way for kids to learn how to manage money in a fun way that they can play mini-games with. Get them excited about saving, and the value of a dollar. ATM, Credit Card & Learning Games is a great way to teach kids about money, transferring funds, managing a pretend checking account, and keeping track of their earnings.
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