Circle In Circle

Hey guys it is time to jump into the circle and check your reflexes. If you are looking for additive time killer game then Circle In Circle is specially design for you. Circle In Circles is the most simple and easiest game in town its simply the game of skill. Rules to play the game are unique and simple just keep the finger inside the circle. All you need is focus and speed of the finger movement, as it's the run circle you have to chase the dot and try to keep your finger into the circle, more you keep the finger inside the circle more quickly it fills. As soon as you tap into the circle on screen of your smartphone or pad, circle starts moving in different directions. Your task is to keep on holding the circle road and drag your finger with the circle. To make game more amazing and interesting as the circle fills it also increases the speed of the circle. The real challenge is to keep on following the circle in pressed state in high speed movements. The faster you move the finger in circle, the more quickly boundary line fills but if you don't catch the circle, outer ring starts decreasing in size and the game ends when outer ring becomes extremely thin. Would you make your finger tip stronger, and faster? So join us to train you to make best circle. Features. HD and excellent work. Simple and very addictive game play. Amazing sound. Totally free. Hours and hours of fun. Increase your focus and speed. Every time total new experience. Endless game. Speed of the circle increases with the collision. Warning. Be careful guys not to become too addictive we warned you. So download Circle In Circle and start having fun in leisure time with this unique casual game. Circle In Circle By BACA BACA Games in casual and family category 2017.
Operating System Android