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You've got one in your pocket, your teachers can't stand them, your parents don't understand them - Super Fidget Spinner Toy now on Android in all their digital glory. Now you can play with your Fidget Spinners even when you don't have one to hand. challenge yourself to master the art of spinning, compete against Fidget Spinner players from around the world and become the greatest spinner of all time with Super Fidget Spinner Toy. Timed SpinSpinning against the clock might sound easy but you're up against every other player in the world. Spin faster and faster to win big, earn coins and level up. Can you beat your highest score? See how many players around the world you can beat and get a global ranking based on your scores. Then upgrade your spinner using the coins you've earned. Each spinner has its own special properties, get them all to better your score. Make sure you use the right spinner for your style of play. Lower or higher the inertia, change the levels of damping and increase the amount of coins earned for each spin. Free ModeIn Free Mode you can practice your skills, level up and earn more coins to use in the store and increase your fidget spinner collection. You'll even rank on the global scoreboards, but this time there's no clock to keep an eye on, you can spin to your heart's content, or until your finger wants to fall off. How long can you keep it going? Will you become a zen master of the fidget spinner? Only time will tell. Toss Mode. Toss Mode needs all of your skills to master, for it is here that Super Fidget Spinner Toy acolytes meet their greatest challenge. It is not for the feint hearted, nor is it for the novice. No, Toss Mode does not let you flick and spin your Spinner, that would be too easy. Toss Mode brings you the greatest challenge any Fidget Spinner fan will ever face, the ultimate test of skill, of hand to eye co-ordination. Throw your spinner in the air and keep it up. Can you handle the ferocity of a spinner as it falls from the skies? Have you mastered the Fidget Spinner? Can you catch it and toss it straight back up in the blink of an eye? Toss Mode will make you sweat with fear as it demands your full attention. You will learn whether you are master or student - there is nowhere to hide from Toss Mode. With three great modes and a constantly changing global leader board, Super Fidget Spinner Toy is the ultimate Fidget Spinner app that everyone can pick up and play but only the best will master. Have fun with BATOKI. Best Apps for TOddlers and KIds.
Operating System Android