Ambulance Doctor First Aid

Ambulance Doctor First Aid game is an extremely fun and educational hospital simulation game for kids and also adults to teach and play with children. Many people get injured in accidents every day. Ambulance and doctors are very important in every city. The faster and Ambulance reaches the injured people and takes them to the hospital, the faster doctors can save more lives of people. In this game, you need to speed the Ambulance fast to the injured people and then take them to hospital. Then as a doctor, you need to cure the injured patients and save their lives. Remember to carefully examine the patients for all possible injuries, be gentle with your medical tools when using on the patient - they are already in pain. Be the best doctors and hospital of the town by providing excellent care to your patients and saving many lives. Features: Many different rescue missions to save people. Choose from many different ambulance vehicles. Work with real medical equipment. Great sound effects and graphics to give real experience. How to play: Choose your favorite rescue mission. Choose your favorite ambulance vehicle. Follow the game instructions to use the medical equipment. More fun levels coming soon. Have fun with BATOKI - Best Apps for Toddlers and Kids.
Operating System Android