Animani - Learn about animals

Animani is a fun and educating game that aims to learn kids about animals. Play animal sounds, learn what the animals eat and where they live. Spell the animal names. ALL AGESAnimani have game modes for all ages. It ranges from simple click for sound to spell animal names by pressing the correct letters. It also have got modes for where the animals live and what they eat. FEATURESFour game modes: Animal sounds- What does it eat? - Where does it live? - Spell the animal name22 different animals. Moose, tiger, pig, monkey, fox, hedgehog, chicken, cow, zebra, bat, giraffe, cat, penguin, owl, duck, donkey, rhino, lion, horse, dog, sheep and elephant. 12 different foods. Bone, banana, grass, pellets, leaves, meat, mouse, worm, seed, fish, beetle and hay. 10 different homes. Farm, cave, forest, jungle, lake, dog house, arctic, savannah, ocean and basket. English and Norwegian language setting. Visit www.animani. io for the latest news about the game.
Operating System Android