Coloring:Turtles Ninja Legends

For all you the ninja turtle lovers out there. Download this game for preschool kids. This is a way for children and adults alike to express themselves. You can tell a lot about the way a person is feeling by the images that they draw, the colors that they use, etc.A child who draws skulls and other disturbing objects might be crying out for help, in the only way that he/she knows how. A child who cheerful objects may be expressing satisfaction, content, and love, in the only way that he/she knows how. It is important to give children a chance to express themselves, and not all children express themselves through words and through writing, many use art. What is the coloring games about? FEATURES. More than 40+ Turtles Ninja Legends Coloring pages. More than 80+ Pencils Colors. 4 Categories as Main Characters: Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo. Create your own color combinations in the drawing game for children. Kids painting and doodling for girls is designed also for toddlers and babies. Coloring book for kids has simple controls. Tap to paint and pinch to zoom on the coloring pages. Doodle their own drawings by using one of the awesome tools. Save & Share options, Share your creations with family and friends of Facebook, Instagram and on other social apps. Easy to use. 100 % Free app. Available for offline use. HOW TO PLAY. Select one of the 10 categories. Choose one cartoon image. Select your colors. Start painting. Save or share your workIn the present, the Mutant Teenage Turtles Ninja have grown apart. After defeating the Shredder, Master Splinter has sent Leonardo to Central America for training. Donatello works as an IT specialist, Michelangelo works as a birthday party entertainer called cowabunga carl, and Raphael works at night as the vigilante nightwatcher. April O'Neil operates a company that locates and acquires relics for collectors, assisted by her boyfriend, Casey Jones. Coloring book turtles ninja tmnt is an educational coloring game for both Boys & Girls who like to color their favorite coloring teenage mutant ninja turtles characters as cartoon. Kids will learn to paint pictures correctly using the right colors. and will have so much fun time coloring in our tmnt-game.
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