Fidget Spinners

The most realistic fidget spinners game in the world. Fully 3D spinners with a selection of coatings. Work your way to unlock 14 unique and crazy fidget spinners. Super fast bearings. Prepare to spend hours spinning your favorite fidget toys. Spin realistically rendered 3D models of many fantastic spinners. Unlock new spinners to add to your collection with 'spins', the more spins you spin the better the spinner you can get. Each spinner is totally individual with unique stats and different shapes and coatings. There is a range of bearings fitted into the spinners, ranging from the standard steel, gold and ceramic to electromagnetic zero friction bearings from the FUTURE. Simple and fun time waster. 14 unique spinners. All spinners are beautiful 3D models. Spinners reach amazing speeds. Initial release. more to come.
Operating System Android