Gaming To Learn

Gaming to Learn incorporates a way for people to learn as they play games. Gaming to learn shows the concept of inserting any questions, whether it be a written, video or an audio question that the player has to answer before continuing the game. It is not intended to be a game that after playing the game they know all the answers and it becomes boring so players are no longer interested in playing the game. This game can have any questions reloaded with different questions in any subject to continue to play with different questions added and deleted. Point of game future is to have a person, school or classes, etc, having a way for students to engage in playing a game and at the same time learning from the questions they are answering to continue play. Reload with new questions and continue to Play and Learn. Game incorporated into lessons with questions of main points of lessons as in questions at the end of chapters or future test. Future games for different likes and different ages with age appropriate questions. Also for students homeschool, disabled, sick, etc.For more info contact Jesse at, Coyotemaker@gmail.com.
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