Fairy Tale Hidden Objects

Whether you're a fan of princesses or princes, beauty or beast, good or bad fairies, you'll most definitely be the greatest fan of our new hidden objects game, Fairy Tale Hidden Objects. Welcome to the most mysterious fairy tale game thoughtfully created for all generations, from 7 to 77. Perfect "hidden object adventure" will delight all true lovers of the "fairy tale stories". Get ready for a magical tour through our enchanted castle, and try out one of the best "mystery games", "Fairy Tale Hidden Objects". Best of hidden objects games for kids and adults. Once upon a time Grimm's fairy tales were written, and now they are joined together into this extraordinary game with "hidden objects". What an amazing and fun way for brain training and testing your reflexes. Best of new games. Exciting hidden object adventure. Our mystery game with hidden objects offers tons of challenges for every true detective. Download this captivating fantasy game with a fairy tale story, "look for hidden objects" and go for the highest position on the board. Discover enchanted things, beautiful fairies, magic wands and many other magical hidden objects and prepare to be charmed. Features: Alluring graphics with bright colors. Variety of marvelous objects: potions, tinker bells, magic wands, fairies, dragons, magic mirrors, dwarfs, goblets, candle holders, glass slippers. Get gold coins and stars for every completed task. Note: you must collect at least one star on every level to continue with the journey through the next board. Easy and fun. You'll be away with the fairies with our best of "fairy games". Hidden object adventure games are fun for all ages. Different modes, hurry up and seek hidden objects carefully. If you're stuck, use our hints to help you "find objects". Reign the top of leader board having solved these mystery hidden object puzzle games. Test your reflexes with our new free puzzle games. Download Fairy Tale Hidden Objects, the coolest fantasy game, and embark on the most mysterious quest of all. With three different game modes - easy, medium, hard - find the hidden object game is very simple to use. That's why this awesome mystery hidden objects game is perfect for having lots of fun, but also for brain training and testing reflexes. Best of "fantasy games" for children and adults. Try out our "hidden objects games", enter our amazing "haunted house", find the hidden objects and post your scores on the leader boards. How to play: Look carefully and try to locate items on the list. Search and find hidden objects before time runs out. Tap an item to collect it. Work fast for a better score. Use our hint button for help. New hidden objects games free. Download these five star "puzzle games" and practice quick fingers free of charge. If you like adventures, this is the most adventurous of "fairy tale games" that you could find. All you need to do is be careful and find the hidden objects you are assigned with. Bridge the time gap hidden object puzzle game poses, earn stars and complete the quest of the Fairy Tale Hidden Objects. The best "fairy tales" are waiting for you. If you like solving mysteries and looking for hidden objects, you're at the right place. If you loved watching fairy tales, and fantasized of becoming a fairy tale princess, you'll be pleased with this best of "games for girls". Get ready for incredible fairy games in the mystery world. Best of "free games" & best of fairy tail games for girls and games for boys are waiting just for you. Hidden object quest games are very popular nowadays, so it's time for you to get ready for the best of "new games" on the market. One of the most entertaining and challenging puzzle games, this best of haunted games is amazing for all ages and genders. Seek and find hidden objects from our magic box: fairies, dragons, magic mirrors, glass slippers, dwarfs, goblets. That's right, hidden object games free new full mystery.
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