Would you Rather Kids

Would you Rather Kids is the new version of the viral game, Would you Rather? for kids. This version is specialized for children since all the questions are suitable for minors. Family trivia game, share your own questions with your friends. Features- Make a decision and choose the right option, you can compare the results with the more than 100, 000 users who have already played this popular question-and-answer game, also known as either. io- Send your own questions for kids, use the capital letters and use a clear and precise spelling, for example: Would you Rather? Follow the instructions and be the best at submitting questions. Our development team will review it to be published in 24h. Compare progress with other users who have played this game, there are more than 100, 000 votes. Will your opinion match the one youtuber luzu or german? All of the more famous youtubers already play this viral trivia game. Guess which is the most voted answer. Reports grammatical errors and questions not suitable for children. It is remembered that this version is for family so only content for all audiences is accepted, the inappropriate questions will be removed so as not to corrupt the essence of Would you Rather. Your child can play without worry. Most questions are harmless about movies or video games. Download now for free.
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