Endless Mathematics Quiz

This is Endless Mathematics quiz. This app quiz is good for children to speed up their ability in basic mathematics (plus, minus and multiplications). Also for for elders is very fun to play and anyone who enjoying math can play this and can enjoy the app. Calculations in this mathematics quiz have the following sections: Plus or Minus calculations- Multiplications. Both (mixing of Plus, minus or multiplications math). How to playYou have to choose your favorite option/test (plus/minus or multiplication or both) then you will be given an endless test with series of questions and answer you just have to compare question and answer, if is true or false by selecting tick for true and cross for false answer. If you choose tick for true answer or cross for false answer you gain one point but if you choose true for false answer or false for true answer game is over. Every section (Plus/minus or multiplications or both mathematics) you have a limited time to think, for the first 10 questions you have 5 seconds for thinking to make your brain concentrate and the following 10 (11-20) you have 4 seconds but from question number 20 and so on you will have only 4 seconds. More. After you play many times as you want now there is score board where you can see your list of top ten scores. This is app is for educational purposes to make someone stimulate his/her brain and i. q in mathematics and is very enjoyable for mathematics maniacs. Have a fun in mathematics and do not forget to give comment on this app.
Operating System Android