Math Addition Subtraction Lite

Math with Simon & Alex: Addition & Subtraction Lite. SUMMARYMath for kids. Learn and practice math by funny adventure game. Practice addition and subtraction up to 10 (CHECK OUT FULL VERSION FOR MORE). Help Alex and Simon to find lost pets. Each time you give the correct answer, you move one step forward and get closer to lost pets. If the answer is wrong, you move one step backwards. When you find all the pets you will get a prize. FEATURES. Choose what to practice: only addition, only subtraction, addition and subtraction. Choose player: boy or girl. Random place with missing number, for example: 2 + [ ] = 10, [ ] - 5 = 5, 4 + 2 = [ ]. 2 pets to find (CHECK OUT FULL VERSION FOR MORE) - click home button to check pets you already have. 80 questions to answer (CHECK OUT FULL VERSION FOR MORE). After finishing game you may start from the beginning without loosing collected pets. Break any time, game will be saved and you can continue later. No ads (only button to check out full version of this game), no in-app purchases - focus on learning and fun. No wi-fi or internet connection requiredCHECK OUT FULL/PAID VERSION FOR MORE FEATUREShttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. IncredibleForest. MathWithSimonAndAlex1PRIVACY POLICYWe take seriously privacy of our users. Please read our privacy policy here: http://incredibleforest.com/Privacy.
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