Bubble Shooter

It's the classic and addictive bubble shooter game with a twist - plenty of exciting new puzzles and challenges. Who's ready for the ultimate bubble shooter trivia? Train your brain and solve all the awesome puzzles and challenges. Play for free, hit the bubbles and win levels. Reach the goal: There are random numbers inside the bubbles. Your mission is to reach the goal of the level by collecting and adding the numbers inside the bubbles. Can you reach the target and clear the level? Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the direction of the bubbles and lift your finger to shoot bubbles. Explore hundreds of amazing trivia levels. Try getting 3 stars by reaching high scores. Pop numbers inside the bubbles to reach the goal of the level. Warm up your fingers and prepare for some bubble popping fun. Enjoy a classic gameplayBubble Shooter is a perfect free brain training game. Try to beat hundreds of challenging levels and solve all the riddles. Get ready, aim and shoot bubbles.
Operating System Android