DIY Rainbow Pizza Shop Cooking

Its time to get up cooking some delicious & colorful Pizza in this deliciously fun pizza maker restaurant game. Kids. What color pizza do you want for the carnival? Pick from Rainbow pizza or Italian pizza and experience the fun of rainbow colors at this newly opened RAINBOW PIZZA SHOP. Let's get cooking & learn how to make pizza, see how many different colorful pizzas can you make. Top bake & serve colorful pizzas from the creators of chart topping doll cake maker game. Its hunger time and everyone is starving but want different and new pizzas, something out of the box. Let's get to rainbow pizza shop before your tummy rumble in hunger. Choose a color for pizza dough among seven colors of rainbow & Create unique great pizza inventions and with Italian toppings, make funny faces with pizza toppings and bake it in oven. That's not all, serve the rainbow or Italian pizza in a unique packing customized creatively by you. Pizza Menu: Colorful Rainbow Pizza. Italian Pizza. Good Pizza with funny facesGame Play & Features: Amazing Rainbow themed pizza cooking. Learn the art of DIY Rainbow Pizza cooking in real time. Tons of realistic cooking tools used in baking and making of pizza. Create funny faces with both Italian pizza & rainbow pizza with toppings. Endless combinations of colorful pizzas customized by you. Download this Rainbow Pizza maker cooking game, bake & make pizza with cheese & meat, deliver it to your customers today.
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