Road Sign Bingo USA (Ad-Free)

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: In light of our country's continuing epidemic of accidents caused by distracted driving, this game is unsafe to play for drivers. Please keep both of your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the windshield and your mobile device in your pocket while you are operating a motor vehicle. The developer shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by this game. This game is not intended for those who drive very frequently. This is the "express route" version of Road Sign Bingo, which does not have advertisements, and is yours for the taking if you are kind enough to support the developer and pay a one-off "toll" of $0.99. Road trips might be exciting, but they can become quite boring whenever they become long or repetitive. Thankfully, this simple, minimalistic bingo app can help put some pizzazz back into your car (or bus) trips, whether they be rare and long vacations or short and frequent drives throughout your local community for ordinary errands, like work or shopping. The way how you play this game is simple. Just look out the window during your journey for any of the signs on a given 5 x 5 bingo board. If you see one out the window, you tap the button on the board that corresponds to that sign. If you can spot every sign in a particular row, column or diagonal during your trip, you'll win the game. Each board will have a marked "free" space in the very middle. This bingo game solely involves over 60 of the most frequent regulatory and warning road signs that one might encounter while driving in the United States of America. Some of then are easy to find on highways, while others are more frequently seen in rural and urban places. With a random number shuffler system, the number of unique bingo boards that you can play in this game are many. And for your convenience, there's always some blank portions of the screen that you can drag to scroll through your board without accidentally pressing any buttons. You can also learn more about the road signs by long-pressing any button on the board and the names of the road signs will be both displayed and spoken out loud to you. You don't need an Internet connection, and this app won't demand any invasive permissions. Before you download this app, please take note of the following: This app only works in landscape mode, which means that your device must be turned sideways in order for it to work. Some efforts were made to make the game functional on tablets, however, it is not possible to test the game on every make and model. If you have any issues with playing the game on your tablet, please e-mail the developer and provide the specs of your tablet and the issue will be investigated. You are not able to save your current board state, so if you quit, the board will be reset. This game uses sounds and voices, so make sure that the volume is set to a good level. This app requires about ten megabytes of free space to install and is compatible with Android 4.0. 0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. There is no iOS version of this app. This app is not designed for use outside the United States of America, as each country has different kinds of road signs. To anyone who downloads this app, please be sure to give out a honest review and consider checking out some of my other apps.
Operating System Android