Pet Shopping Mall Cashier

Pets for sale. Everyone love to buy pet for their pets little frenzy, dog house. The cute fluffy puppy dogs, little cats and kittens, rabbits and beautiful birds always melts the heart and make a person to love these cute little creatures. So this time, you have the duty to work as a store cashier, sale the pets for sale to the right customers in this pets buying app game. Pet shopping mall cashier, a perfect caixa registradora mania for all superstore & market games lovers. So selling pets to the right person isn't an easy task. Serve as the best shop manager and help customers at the pets super shop point of sale in this animals shopping mania game & give them proper guidance for buying pet like choosing the right puppy with little doghouse, then all the pets accessories including leashes, dog collars with bed crates, kennels and much more with cats and dogs house. Don't forget the cages for birds, cute fluffy rabbits and other animals. With easy steps, learn to use cash register to prove yourself best cashier of all the times. Play as mall cashier for giving best pets shopping experience to the customers this time and help the kids buy new pets and also learn how to operate cash machines at the point of sale. You got the job of a cashier in Pet supermarket & have to learn & operate the cash register and sales and prove yourself as the most efficient Pet shopping mall cashier with this pets buying app. Start this pets for sale work by making kids customers to choose the right cute pet for them. Take the cage to the cash counter and take money from your clients as a professional cashier. Sell them real fast and earn more cash. Serve your customers within time to unlock each level with exciting pet accessories. Be the best cashier in by playing and helping these kids with this caixa registradora time management & manager game. Learn the process of handling money and atm cash cards usage with cashregister and store cashier. Start with a cash machine and enter price of each item and sum the total bill. Once you have summed up the total amount take cash, put it in the cash drawer and return balance amount to the customer. Be quick. Be quick & efficient. don't make customers to wait. Best cashier and pets shopping game for all pet lovers with cash management fun to make your playing time go educational with fun. Come & Download now.
Operating System Android