Supermarket Manager Dress Up

You definitely have to take a look at this great dress up game where you are assigned to make multiple uniforms that would fit the girls you have to dress up with. Increase your expansion in the fashion design area with this new proposal you will be doing once you finish the tasks in the game. Think about a practical way to dress them and give them a useful and also a cute clothing they will be able to wear at their job. When you start the game so, at the beginning, you'll be forced to use the model you've got to create the dresses you want, and using the material you dispose of, but once you advance you'll see that the items needed could be easily earned. Unlock them by waiting that required time or meantime you can watch one of that videos we've prepared to speed up the process. Each clothing element and each character you unlock will offer you the chance to add the new piece to your collection. What's new is that you got an achievements label where you could follow your progress made. Get a nice haircut to fit your outfit and don't forget to add some accessories to personalize the final aspect. Make sure that costume you've made is proper for the supermarket manager position and then keep trying to diversify your portfolio. There are such amazing features this game is ready to provide: Free and easy to play- Making major changes in wardrobe- Rewarding your progress with trophies- Impressive graphics- Cheerful background sounds- Simple gameplay- The possibility to design cool uniforms for pretty ladies- Variety of items to unlock and specific accessories to add - A lot of upgrades during the game and new clothing- Possibility to check your upgrades in the achievements label.
Operating System Android