Mall Shopping Spree Dress Up

Nothing more relieving than a good shopping session where your spiritual condition is improved once you play it on and on. Check out this dress up game with pretty dolls that are ready to be your personal models in order to perform your work. Your role is quite simple if you think about it, you just have to match clothing and help these girls to find an appropriate look. Only that you are not just a normal dresser and your work is a lot harder than that, but because you are passionate and enjoy everything that comes with fashion, your mission won't require too much effort. Take your time, choose the girl you would like to shop and for sure this shopping game prepared you more than you could expect. It comes up with some upgrades that are provided once you advance and you are able to unlock them after you wait the necessary time for each item. Create amazing outfits and also make a successful shopping session out of it because after all the girls wanted something that would change their mood and still make them look fabulous. Try on different looks and be ready to innovate some aspects because once you'll go a little bit crazy there is no way back and you'll see everyone is predictable to a little change. To personalize each attire you could use the hairstyle and the accessories as well. Maybe add a stunning pair of shoes or even some sparkling jewelry, either way you should know how to make a girl stand out after an intense shopping spree. More features brought for you could be checked out in this game here: Free and easy to play- Amazing opportunity to be a personal shopping assistance- Beautiful clothing and great accessories to add- Unlock new items and try to find some pretty combos- Challenge your fashion designer skills and improve them if it's possible- Try interesting ways to create a new look.
Operating System Android