Highschool Divas Dress Up

No need to worry you've got all prepared, you've just had to put your imagination to work and simply let your creative spirit to be free. This dress up game offers you the opportunity to handle the hardest to pleased, the teenagers. Challenge your abilities and try to put together some clothing in order to create an outfit for a high school diva. There are many models you could try on your looks and if you choose the diversity you'll see how easy could be to find something special. This game provides a large range of possibilities to combine styles and because of the chance to advance by having new items, it's for sure a worthy one. Unlock them by waiting that required time or meantime you can watch one of that videos we've prepared to speed up the process. Each clothing element and each character you unlock will offer you the chance to add a new piece to your collection. What's new is that you got an achievements label where you could follow your progress made. Take that cool haircut you want, choose the proper outfit for it and don't forget to complete it with some stunning accessories. Have fun while you are presenting your fashion pieces from your collection to the whole world. This game brings many interesting features and they are illustrated here: A whole collection to create for high school girls- Free and simple to play- Having a constant panel to check your improvements- Cool accessories to add and new items to unlock- Testing your fashion skills- Assembling well-design outfits for teenagers- Making major changes in wardrobe- Rewarding your progress with trophies- Be able to relax and have fun while you shop in the virtual area.
Operating System Android