My Hospital - Baby Dr. Panda

My Hospital - Baby Dr. PandaHi Kids, what will you do if cute animals get hurt or Sick? We are sure you will immediately think 'how can I help these helpless animals, Correct? 'This time you will become their doctor in your own hospital and cure some unusual animal patients. They are 7 cute animals patients who required your love and care. In this free kids game. My Hospital - Baby Dr. Panda, you can use many different kinds of medical instruments to treat animals' sickness. Select your adorable character and take on the role of great panda doctor by playing these free games cleaning animals, lower temperature, stitch the wounds, check patient heartbeat and more. Panda Doctor, please help cure these cute animal patients and make them recover. FEATURES: 7 different animal patients lion, giraffe, monkey, panda, turtle, pony & a kitten. Animal friendly caring tools. Lots of doctor games and activities. Check temperature, clean your baby animals. Drag the X-ray machine onto the patient to find out the fracture parts. Drag the band-aid to cover the patient's scratches. Dress up your baby animals with lots of costumes. Snapshots of your cute characters can be saved in your photo album. Funny animal soundsTeam is continuously working for improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions.
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