Vlog Date High School Love

I am your new friend- Tanya. I am a beauty Vlog now. Last night I was invited to a facepaint party by my crush Jack. I'Om so surprised and nervous about the date. It's really a breathtaking thing. I must show perfect me in front of him. Let's start. Time is rush. Download and play for FREE. See you in HUGS &HEARTS Romantic Facepaint Vlog Date High School Love'. Product Features: Attractive dialogue to start the story-Reply the message to tell you will date with Jack-Fancy makeup to show out the perfect you-Special facepaint pattern to choose-Tons of fashion stuff to make your date unforgettable-Pick a charming dress and dress up ready-Do a manicure and make you look flawless-Take a photo to record your dating with Jack. And so much more. Come on and join us together. Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you. You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hugsNheartsGamesor on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Hug_n_HeartsAnd website at http://www.hugsnhearts.com/.
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