Made for anyone in the medical field at any level that needs to learn basic EKG strips that are most likely to appear on ACLS. BLS OR ANY NURSING, medical student test, or paramedic exam. It's a fun way for anyone to learn more about EKG BUT WITHOUT STRESS. CAN BE PLAYED ON PHONE OR COMPUTER. BOOK VALUE 15-30. 00. And you can listen to an educational pop song if you like. The game comes in several languages and you can look at you last few times to evaluate how fast you can get through the 25 EKG strips. There is a learn section which is easy to understand. This game is a great place to start learning EKG strips regardless of grade level or profession. We are replacing the previous 'Promo text' field with the 'Short description' field. In the Play Store, the short description is the first introduction to your app your potential customers will see (See an example). Make sure the short description gives a good enticing summary of what your app is about. The short description is mandatory and you need to supply a short description before you can make any changes to your Store listing.
Operating System Android