The Magic Adventure of a Witch

Play as a powerful sorceress in this magical game where you must defeat the evil magician and save your pristine and kind village. A grim force has overcome your village and you must create a magic potion to fight back. Discover and collect all of the ingredients in the story to save your town. Play mini-games to collect amulets, ingredients and secret powers to use in your battle for good. Use your powers to cleanse the lake that has been poisoned by the greedy warlock and garner new items in your quest. Save fish, turtles and water birds to reestablish the habitat and move forward in your quest. With your powers, you'll ensure your villagers have a lovely place to live, work and play. The evil warlock destroys your home and you have to rebuild. Summon magical sprites to help you rebuild your homestead. Choose magical implements and recreate your mysterious sanctum. Once you're ready, reverse time and stop that wizard. With special ingredients and all natural herbs, you'll create a magical potion to restore the town to greatness and banish the evil wizard. Your spiritual and mystic abilities will shine through. Product Features: Save your village from an evil wizard- Play mini-games to earn points and prizes to save your town- Reverse time and cast spellsHow to Play: Tap to choose magical tools- Swipe to cast spells and special sigils- Swipe to fight the wizard with your magical powersWe want to hear your voice. Watch our awesome videos on our YouTube channel. us on Facebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon on official website:
Operating System Android