Hidden Objects Battle

Prove your searching skills in a real-time PvP hidden object game. Play free online with friends and random HOG addicts. Find hidden objects against the clock and win. Now you are a true hidden object games fan, have played hundreds of them and can easily outrace any finding games genius? Prove it. Go hardcore and search hidden object scenes in a real-time multiplayer HOG. Spot hidden items from the shared list and outscore your rival to win coins. Features: Play with friends and against random hidden object games addicts. Find hidden objects against the clock. Try different seek-and-find modes. Search hidden objects by the word list or silhouettes. Real player-vs-player hidden object challenge. Unlock new HO levels and earn achievementsThe objective of this seek-and-find game is pretty simple. Players take time-limited turns to find listed items on the same hidden object scenes. Each finding fills up your counter bringing you one step closer to victory. The items displayed as silhouettes or a word list come 3 at a time. Thus, unless all 3 hidden objects are found, next 3 won't show up. That allows you to develop your own winning strategy. For instance, you may either race to find hidden objects quick enough to score as much as you can within your turn. Or, puzzle your rival with a single tricky item in the list to spend all his time in vain trying to spot it. meanwhile finding it yourself. In a PvP battle it's only victory that counts. Real players require real thrills. That means wagers before each hidden object duel, and big money prizes. The stake differs for every level pack, with 3-5 HO scenes each. There is a special Fantasy pack. Bet all your coins and double down. What? You lost it all? Well, better luck next time. After all, it's a multiplayer hidden object game for real HOG masters. Make it to the golden league.
Operating System Android