The most beautiful music game "STELLIGHTS" is now released. You can feel the "STELLIGHTS" world created by famed music artist. Story. "I want to see you again. "STELLIGHT" is a big clock placed at a mansion, and displays "universe of memories". "Small clocks" which play a music are spread all over the universe, and attract people. This is a story of memories connected by clocks. STELLIGHT displays the past, and its truth is. Beautiful world. You can feel the never-seen-before world consisted of "memories" and "universe". The game story, colored by visiters of STELLIGHT, is a litle bit lonely and heartwarming. Variety of graphics on game play. You can see the variety of graphics per episode, and enjoy your play in the beautiful world. Music created by famed music artists. STELLIGHTS music is provided by Sakuzyo, Kiryu, Powerless, and more. Fantastic sounds will attract you into STELLIGHTS world.
Operating System Android