TRYBIT -Brain training by bits

Do you know how computers count numbers? This educational action game inspires you to know more about computers by providing basic computing knowledge. Mastering Binarydigits and Hexadecimal would be fun while playing exciting games using 4-bit pattern. Since the game does neither contain advertisements nor require internet communication or in-app purchase, you don't have to worry about letting small children play with it. -Our mascot, BITROBO will give you a simple and brief explanation. The explanation has 3 steps allowing you to understand about bit little by little. Tap bit buttons to know which number you can make in 4-bits. BITROBO also tells you how to play games in an easy-to-understand manner. -Number balls fall down from the top of your screen. Handle your bit buttons to make the same number as one on balls and crash the balls. There are four types of balls categorized by the number of bits. Bigger size of ball means bigger bit number. Therefore handing the bit buttons becomes more difficult. But you can get more points when you successfully crash them. If you can manage to crash many balls at once, you can get combo points. Wait the right moment to crash the balls as many as possible at once. Once a ball hits your BITROBO, the game is over. -Bit BeginnerMode You can learn how to play games in this mode. Start your game first in this mode. Once you crash 30 balls, you clear the stage. Binarydigits HardMode The bit buttons are set in the Binarydigits numeral system and the difficulty level gets higher. Compared to the beginner mode, the speed of ball movement is up and more balls appear on your screen. Once you crash 50 balls, you clear the stage. Hexadecimal EndressMode The numbers on balls and bit buttons are Hexadecimal to seriously master bit. Endlessly balls appear on your screen in this stage. Handle bit to reach highest score and thoroughly enjoy your game.
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