Babblarna Play

In Babblarna Play you visit Babblarna's cinema. You'll meet several characters in the foyer. You'll be able to buy drinks, popcorn and a surprise from Dadda, blow up balloons with Diddi and let Doddo take your ticket when you go into the auditorium to watch Babblarna's videos and films. Included films are: Babblarna The First Song, The Babblarna Stomp-Along Ding-a-Ling Song, The Roller Coaster Song, Babolasalabim and Babblarna and Me Song. You can choose "longplay" so that you can watch the films over and over again without needing to re-start them each time. About BabblarnaBabblarna plays with small children's speech sounds. With their simple (but fun) look they boost early speech and language development. Babblarna is a Swedish concept based on the Karlstad Model of Language Intervention and their ideas about language acquisition and structured language training. The educational principles are suitable for children from about 1 year of age, and Babblarna are loved by lots of young and very young children. For those who want to go further, you can explore Babblarna books, music, games, plastic figures, soft toys, clothes and much more. Visit us at
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