homeschool Kids learn

homeschool Kids learn Educational games / puzzle activities for preschool and kindergarten children (age 2-5 years). Teach your children abc, nursery rhymes, counting, colors, shapes. Interactive learning is an excellent mode of education that toddlers. homeschool Kids learn games act as brain trainer and draw their attention to the practice of spelling alphabets (letters), numbers (123), colors, nursery rhymes and shapes and improve children's skills memory. homeschool Kids learn help the kids Improve their memory, logic and concentrationhomeschool Kids learn Games help to grow brain children. 4 Modes of play: 1. ABC - Touch the screen to advance through the alphabet with fun animations. After letter "Z", sing and dance along to the ABC song. 2.123 - Touch the screen to advance through numbers 1-10, at the end sing along to the counting song. 3. Shapes & Colors - Touch the screen to learn about shapes and colors through fun animations. 4. Music - Touch the screen to sing and dance to 4 songs.
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