Surprise Eggs Princess Girls

New Game for children and babies from 1 year of age and older. Surprise Eggs Princess Girls is a very good application for little girl, they will have light the lights in their eyes. This application is a special edition for little girls from 1 year of age and older wtih barbies and princesses, are you ready to open surprise eggs? Each surprise egg is a princess with a surprise inside. In each egg you will find a new princess skin (more than 9), a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside. In this game you will find not only that, but also play sets with houses, animals and different accessories and jewelry for girls. Now after all this does not necessarily go to the store, after downloading the game, you can print out chocolate eggs, finding in them surprises and collect their collection of toys from the comfort of home. In this special version GIRL collected the most famous and exciting toys. A beautiful and gentle strawberry heaven decoration will immerse your child in the magical land. Little ladies will be happy to see the favorite princesses and other characters from the popular cartoon. THE BEST GAME FOR LITTLE GIRLS. How To Play? You have to scrape the paper from the egg and break the chocolate and get the surprise. In each egg you will find a new princess skin, a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside. A lot of Toys and Princess in this game. 100% free & SAFE. 300 Toys to collect in surprise eggsThe rules are simple. You need: Choose a chocolate egg with a surprise with the pleasant character- Remove the wrapper touch of a finger- "Eat" chocolate finger pressure- Open the box-yolk touch of a finger- Get a surprise in the form of toys. He goes into the collection.
Operating System Android