Russian AlphaBet Bullseye

#1 Rated Russian Alphabet Game. Want a fun way to learn the Russian Alphabet or Cyrillic Alphabet? Try Russian Alphabet Bullseye from Ready, Set Alef Bet. This is not some boring flash card app. This is a fast-paced, arcade-style game that is fun for all children and adults alike. From beginners to adults new to Russian. Everyone can benefit from learning by using this fun and challenging game. This game has points, coins and even a marketplace to buy new objects to throw at the targets. Two levels of difficulty. Normal - targets appear with letters and the voice, boy or girl, you choose, says the letter. The transliteration is written at the bottom of the screen. Difficult is the same as normal, but the targets only appear for a few seconds, then they turn over, so you have to look quickly. Users get to choose the letters they need or want to practice. Choose the whole Cyrillic alphabet or a minimum of three letters at a time, it is up to the individual player. Throw a pencil at the letter targets to match the voice or written transliteration of the Cyrillic letter. Earn coins to purchase other fun and funny objects to throw at the targets. Each object makes a humorous noise when it hits or misses the target. You can also go to the review page to see the letters with which you have trouble. You can email your score page or missed letters page to your teacher or Russian tutor. Think you've got it? Be careful - it gets tricky. "This is a really cool game and makes learning the Russian alphabet fun. "-4th Grade Student"I learned the entire Russian Alphabet in just 30 days thanks to Russian alphabet Bullseye. "I hope each of my students purchases this app. It's a great way for them to learn the Russian alphabet"-School Principal.
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