Egypt Princess Makeover

A Egypt Princess who want to get ready for attend different ceremonies like Christmas, weddings and school parties. She is going to egypt makeup salon or egypt girls salon which is specialize of egypt dresses and light star makeups. to makeover the latest fashion and design. This is a girl barber shop. Choose your favorite dresses and color for Egypt Princess. With the selection of primary and complementary color for egypt and dresses it's up to you to choose your very own unique combinations. Spa Phase: which you can say bathing and washing parts Choose Shampoo to wash and dry Hairs then choose soap or face-wash to wash face and getting towel for her hairs and types of mask therapy for Egypt Princess. Makeup Phase: You can say cosmetics part Choose blush-on colors and starting blushing. Select those color which meet dress color for matching purpose as like matching then select Eye shadow Makeup Shades to bring out natural beauty of Eye Color, beauty by adding Eye mascara and different lipstick shades and colors. DressUp Phase: In the third part which you can say Egypt Princess Romma will ready for party by wearing colorful dresses, burkhas, shoes, purses and many more accessory. Express your creativity by putting together designs for. exclusive events. Take on top designers from around the world and convert your simple barber shop into Star Fashion Designer. Enjoy With AFLATOON GAMES.
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