New Born Pet Baby Doctor

New Born Pet Baby Doctor game offers kids a great chance to play and learn about PetBabyCare Pet mommy will give birth soon, and this time, she is is full with excitement, tension, pay out, fatigue, joy and fun. in the period, go through various checks, birth, bathing, dressing, feeding and other tedious work, but the birth of new life is very exciting. Now come to help these few nervous and excited Mommys let their pet baby safe and healthy birth into this world. 4 Lovely Scenes. Mommy Food: Feed pregnant mommy what ever doctor say to eat her foods, medicine, milk etc.Mommy Checkup: Mommy's weight, Mommy's temprecture, baby gender checking and so many exciting technic for checkup. Bath Time: These babies loves to bath with shower soap air freshener, and getting ready for a baby born. Care Time: These babies growing with milk and other caring things like smoothie, room freshener, with cool cool powder and nappy, Lullabies for its sweet sleep and sweet dream. We are sure that our little pet baby will be very happy. Thank you for your help, have fun. Enjoy With AFLATOON GAMES.
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