Uncle Bear Hospital Kids Game

Here is your kid's chance to be a doctor and help Uncle Bear take care of the sick and ailing animals at Uncle Bear Hospital. Warm hospital atmosphere, so that your kids are no longer afraid, and help them naturally curious about basic medical procedures and anatomy. Select the appropriate medical equipmentLearn to select the appropriate props and use the correct medical method to help friends in the treatment of fever, colds and other different types of illness. Play different doctor rolesIn Uncle Bear hospital, you can be a dentist, a nurse, a pharmacist. Learn about different medical practices from different doctor roles. Form a good habitFrom the game to know the daily bad habits lead to illness. It is is necessary to develop good habits. Help your kids overcome the fear of doctorLovely cartoon patient image, relaxed and happy way. Since then, your kids no longer resist to the hospital. Game Features: 1. Let children get a sense of accomplishment in the game. 2. Cultivate children be careful and patient through their personal experience. 3. Experience the greatness of doctor through the role-playing. 4. Help children overcome the fear of the hospital. Ability: 1. Innovative play, training baby hands-on ability. 2. A wide range of diseases, develop children knowledge3. Many types of medical equipment, training baby's cognitive ability. About us"Bear Uncle Children Education" brand, is committed to the development of children's education applications, and strive to create the perfect virtual little partners for the children. The company has released 30 more products and owns more than 30 million users around the world. Please rate our games and leave feedback to help us improve our products, services and the team itself. Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UncleBearKids to get our news.
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