Sketch Mate

Simple Drawing FunNow with 10 New Templates. Sketch Mate is a simple app that brings the fun of doodling & drawing to your Android device. With an easy-to-use interface, chunky brush drawing style, unique background templates and even a Tic-Tac-Toe board, you can let your mind wander, creativity soar, and time fly. It's great for drawing, sketching and doodling at any age. Quick CanvasSet your favorite canvas preference for faster access. Just long-press Quick Canvas in the main menu for options. Kids ModeChoose from Confetti (constant string of various colors & sizes) or Random (changes color & size each time you lift up) settings for creative sketching with a twist. Features: 16 colors and 13 brush sizes- Fill Canvas and Eraser- 21 Fun and useful background Templates- Import a photo from your device to draw on- Kid's Mode- Gallery- Quick CanvasNotes: Brush sensitivity is device dependent- Not a professional drawing app - Images are saved to the Sketch Mate folder- Long-press Quick Canvas on the main menu to set preferences- Add.jpg to filename to save as a.jpg.
Operating System Android