Australia Geo Connect 4

A strategy game which provides a unique experience to both, novices and experts in Australian geography. Choose the flash cards for Australian states and territories: capitals, cities, flags, or mixed cards. Place your tokens on corresponding name abbreviations, and try to connect 4 in a row. "Australia Geo Connect 4" is a brain trainer designed following Neuroplasticity principles. It improves your attention, memory, logic and strategy skills in a fun and relaxing way. GAME Features: Single and two players modes. Five different levels for Artificial Intelligence. Friendly app: peek at your mini guide anytime. Learn from your mistakes. Review corrections log. Use a smart strategy to replace opponent chips, or make more rows to gain many points. Increase performance and fun by setting "Penalties". Gradual Learning: first master the name abbreviations for the states and territories of Australia, then add flash cards for: capitals, flags, Australian cities. Special game setting for people with special needs is offered. This application is a great family game, and an entertaining educational tool for classrooms, gifted students, homeschooling and everybody who wants to improve his geography knowledge. We hope you like our free game "Australia Geo Connect 4".
Operating System Android