Tap Piano Block-Colorful

Features: Also play like (don't tap white block) (piano tile) this game? Now there is a more advanced music rhythm game. This is a music rhythm game: there are many, many classic songs, popular songs;This is a racing game: the game has more of the keyboard to drop more blocks to challenge your response speed;This may be a child-minded game: the game a little difficult, if you can not keep up with the rhythm will make you feel childish Oh; if you like to torture yourself may wish to try. game rules: Very simple, according to the prompts click on the corresponding keyboard, missing a certain number of blocks the game ended; just keep up with the rhythm you are the piano master;More features: This game can also develop your interest in learning the piano, professional waterfall stream mode to train your playing skills;The game has a professional music mode, so you can understand the music you can play more fun.
Operating System Android